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 Twilight, Starlight; A MLP: FiM! Fanfiction -Updates Every Monday and Friday, if not sooner!-

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Twilight, Starlight; A MLP: FiM! Fanfiction -Updates Every Monday and Friday, if not sooner!- Empty
PostSubject: Twilight, Starlight; A MLP: FiM! Fanfiction -Updates Every Monday and Friday, if not sooner!-   Twilight, Starlight; A MLP: FiM! Fanfiction -Updates Every Monday and Friday, if not sooner!- EmptySun Jun 05, 2011 8:01 pm

Hey everyone! This is my fanfiction that I was posting in the pony thread, and with the graceous consent of TR1, shall now be posted here.

This story is set a some time into the future, and Twilight has completed her apprenticeship under Celestia. Prior to the beginning of this story, Twilight finds a young human while out exploring with Spike (Can anyone say, Prequel?) The young man and Twilight soon become fast friends, and eventually discover feelings for each other. (Please note, there is NO BEASTIALITY IN THE STORY!!! All romance is at most Teen, but thats it!) During the time when Twilight and Zero, as he is now known, grow close, Zero's ability in building is discovered, leading to him becoming the Master Archineer of Equestria. The story begins not long after Twilight is decides to undertake the training to become Zero's colleuge, if not successor!

Character Bio (So far);

Zero Starlight
Age; 19
Hair; Black with natural white highlights at the tips
Occupation; Master Archineer
Relationship; Twilight Sparkle (Girlfriend)
Tools of the trade; Mega-Wrench, Sling Pack (Think inFamous)

Zero's a bit of a jack of all trades. He possess a keen intellect, along with great endurance, dexterity, strength, and a sharp wit. He is kind and rarely shows his darker side, but if you incur it, then start running, and don't stop. He's a bit of a slacker at times though, and has a addiction to high risk stunts, mainly jumping off of tall buildings.

Twilight Sparkle
Age; Not telling
Mane; Dark Purple with Bright Purple highlights
Coat; Deep Purple
Occupation; Archineer-in-training (Also a graduate of Celestia)
Relationship; Zero Starlight (Boyfriend)
Tools of the trade; Magic, Sling bag, Intellect, Spike

Twilight is always willing to help anybody, and with her great ability with magic, she has the means to do so. After having studied under Celestia for most of her life, Twilight recently graduated, and has decided to work under Zero, hoping that some of his ability may wear off on her. Her greatest strength can also be one of her greatest weaknesses, however. Her love for her friends may be the cause of great hardships to come...

Final note; This fan fiction does contain human (OC) x pony, but it isn’t anything overly mature, just cute. If hugs, hand/hoof holding, or any of that sort of romance, and I use the term lightly, disturbs, offends, or in general makes you uncomfortable, simply back out of this page. If cross species romance, again using the term lightly, disturbs, offends, or in general makes you uncomfortable, as before, simply back out of this page. To those who stay, please feel free to read, review, and above all, ENJOY!

- Zero


Chapter 1

It was a peaceful day in Ponyville… well, about as peaceful as can be possible when said town is home to two of the most hyperactive ponies in all of Equestria. On any other day the seemingly endless amounts of energy that seemed eternally pent up within the two would have the town either covered in all assortments of party paraphernalia or the unique spectacle of hundreds of rainbows leftover from practicing aerial and ground stunts over and over. Not that anypony particularly seemed to mind, it was just one of the pros, or cons depending on how you look at it, of living in such a lively town.

Most ponies were outdoors, enjoying the beautiful summer’s day, hoping to capture the last great memories that the season was so well known for, as soon it would the weather would turn cold and a blanket of snow would be layered all over the countryside. Even the forever studying Twilight Sparkle ventured outside without a quill and paper, a classic romance novel replacing the usual assortment of spellbooks, and history books both new and old in her sling pack.

However, not everypony was outside enjoying the last summer rays. Deep beneath the library, a single soul was hard at work, doing research, thinking up new inventions, making great scientific advances in the field of… sleep?

Yes, the only one that had remained behind was that of Zero Starlight, the only known human in all of Equestria, and a cunning one at that. Zero was Equestira’s Master Archineer, and as such was worked to the bone, day in and day out. (Although, he did still skip out on work to hang out with Twilight Sparkle and the gang a lot, but hey, the title came with it’s perks, right?) Currently his mirrored aviator goggles had been pulled down to cover his eyes and his hair, black as Princess Luna’s coat, with natural silver highlights at the tips, fell in front of him, effectively blocking out all light. His back rose and fell as he breathed peacefully, and…


That woke Zero up. He jumped up in his chair, almost falling backwards onto the hard wood floor in surprise, “WASN’T SLEEPING! DON’T KNOW WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT!!” The vibration he had felt subsided, and Zero lowered his arms and let out a breath he hadn’t known he had been holding. He got up from the chair he had been sleeping in, grabbing his trusty mega-wrench and placing it in his sling bag. He pulled out his phone, scrolling through old messages before stopping at a new one from Twilight. To any a perceptive observer, it would have been noted that his cheeks gained a slightly darker shade of pink for a half second before cooling back to his normal skin tone.


Where are you? Aren’t you going to come and enjoy this wonderful weather? I want to be able to spend as much time out here before summer ends, don’t you? If you get this, meet me at that old chocolate shop on west pony avenue in 15 minutes, ok?

Hope to see you then,
Twilight Sparkle

P.S. Make it in 5 and you get a bonus!

Zero chuckled and slid the phone into its sleeve in his pack, and attaching a wireless earpiece so that he could talk to Twilight if she called, and still get around quickly. ‘You sure know how to catch a guy’s interest, don’t you Twilight?’ Buckling his sling pack on, and pushing his aviators up onto his forehead, electric blue eyes sparking with excitement, he walked into the elevator that would bring him up to the library. ‘5 minutes, eh? Hmmm… Let’s see if I can’t beat 2 and a half.’

Chapter 2

Zero may have been the Master Archineer of Equestria, but that didn’t mean that was his only talent. Zero was a jack-of-all trades, possessing knowledge, a sharp wit, strength, and along with it, endurance. If you where to ask him what his favorite pastime, aside of spending time with Twilight and company of course, he would reply in an instant, “Freerunning.” Zero was an adrenaline junkie, to put it simply but crudely. He loved the feeling of the chase, and all the running, jumping, dodging and falling, etcetera, that was part of the package. He had no fear of death, and frequently performed stunts that even Rainbow Dash would think twice before attempting.

Currently, Zero was enjoying the rush of performing one of said stunts, hoping to get the jump on Twilight as, although she would probably give him a hoof to the face, would still end up laughing at such foolhardiness. He crouched on a stone edge that jutted from the one of the four corners of the tallest building in Ponyville, the clock tower, which was conveniently located near the old chocolate shop that Twilight asked him to meet her at.

With a quick inhale of breath, Zero, arms outstretched as if he were a diver at the Olympony games, fell with only a barely audible whistling sound, accompanied by his baggy parachute pants and t-shirt flapped in the sudden wind.


It had been almost 5 minutes now, and Zero was nowhere in sight. ‘Where could he be?’ Twilight Sparkle thought to herself, using her magic to slip her phone back into her sling pack. Her face involuntarily turned a darker shade of purple as when she thought of the device. It had been a gift from Zero to commemorate her passing his rigorous testing and becoming his sole apprentice. He had created only 2 of the small devices, one for himself, which required the multi-jointed fingers that he alone possessed, where as hers was more a polished piece of metal with a glass front. Twilight was able to transfer her magic through the phone to speak with Zero wherever she pleased. She still had to use a quill and paper, and Spike still held his job of taking notes, letters, and other important thoughts down, but this way it was easier for her and Zero to communicate.

She wished Spike was here, he always had a profound calming effect on her. Perhaps it was maternal instincts as, in a way, she was his mother, and she had hatched him after all… ‘He’s never disappointed me when I gave him a challenge before… What if he got hurt on the way here? Or…’ Twilight shook her head, the dark purple and pink streaks of her mane flapping about. ‘It won’t do any good to worry like that. He’s probably just…’ She never finished her thought, as the sound of an object landing in the cart of hay that had been left on the sidewalk was heard. As she turned to investigate, a blur of black along with speck of white ran into her at full speed. For a moment, one that seemed to stretch on for centuries, Twilight analyzed the situation, and came very close to causing said object to become a smear on the pavement, before she reined back her magic, recognizing that the object was actually Zero, who had jumped out of the hay bail and, almost too energetically, ran straight at her in an attempt to surprise her. She let out a small squeak before relaxing and wrapping her fore-hoofs around him, returning her boyfriend’s hug. “Zerooooooooo! Why do you always insist on making such extravagant entrances? I almost burned you to a crisp!”

Zero retracted his arms, folding his hands behind his head and leaning back as if he was up against an invisible wall, “You know me,” He said, flashing a cocky grin, eyes sparkling with mischievousness, “I’m all about the big entrances! So, you wanted to check out this shop?” He asked, nodding across the street to the little chocolate shop. The place had an innocent look to it, kind of like a puppy surrounded by protecting big brothers, and indeed the buildings that loomed to each side of it seemed to almost lean towards the shop, daring anyone to bring harm to it.

“Yes, I hear they make very good cheesecakes, and seeing as Rainbow Dash’s birthday is coming up I thought we might as well look for something for her sweet tooth!” Twilight explained turning and starting to walk towards the shop.

“Now wait just a moment there!” Twilight stopped in her tracks, listening intently as Zero walked calmly after her, “You mentioned cheesecake, didn’t you?” Twilight slowly turned her head towards him, to see an enormous grin plastered onto Zero’s face. “You wouldn’t perhaps be mentioning my favorite dessert for any particular reason now would you?”

Chapter 3

After browsing the stores wares for almost an hour, Zero and Twilight settled on a rainbow themed ice cream cake for Rainbow Dash, a box of chocolates with cherries inside for Twilight, and a large cheesecake for Zero. Always the gentleman, Zero carried all the treats out of the store while Twilight waited outside.

“So where do you suggest we take this stuff? I’ll take the cheesecake and the chocolate cherry things back home to the library, but what about Rainbow Dash’s cake?” Zero asked. “We’ll take it back to the library and put it with your cheesecake until the party.” Twilight answered, “It’s getting late, so how about I go and look for a movie for us over at Pony Video?”

Zero agreed with this and headed back to the library with his load, making sure to keep out of sight of both Rainbow Dash and Pinky Pie, the latter because she would probably not be able to keep the party a secret.


It was now past 9:30pm and Twilight had fallen asleep up against Zero, comfortably snuggled against his pajama covered shoulder. Zero was still up however, as he had heard a alert going off in his workshop, and had been for the past 30 minutes been trying to get off the couch without waking up Twilight. She was a very light sleeper and could be terrifying when she was awoken abruptly.

After more than a few close calls, Zero was sitting at his chair in his workshop, examining the warning that had come up. He had made sure to turn off the sound so as to not wake up Twilight, but right now, that was the least of his concerns. According to the readout, a large hole had just materialized in one of the sides of Mount Ponymore, but it wasn’t a hole into the mountainside…

It seemed it may be a rift into another dimension!

Chapter 4

Twilight awoke with the sun, and the quiet buzz of her phone, indicating she had a message. She made a ‘Just five more minutes’ groan, reaching out to Zero… and grasping nothing but air. With a drawn out sigh, she pulled herself up off the couch, moving the comfortable blanket that Zero had left on her, and reaching over to the aforementioned noise maker. ‘Why can’t I ever seem to wake up in my bed these days?’ She thought as she checked the message left for her;


Morning moonlight! Sleep well? Your probably wondering where in the heck I am right now. Well, it’s a long story, best explained if you come on over here. I’m over at the west end of Ponymore. I think you’ll find what’s going on here to be… interesting. Heck, bring the girls if you feel like it. I haven’t seen any of them in quite a while now! See you soon?

P.S Celestia and Luna say Hi

Twilight smiled, blushing slightly at the nickname Zero had adopted as a reversal of ‘good morning sunshine’. She floated the phone back into her sling pack, along with her Archineer in training badge, which would allow her into almost anywhere she might need to go. She also carefully placed the collection of gears, springs, and other assorted mechanical pieces that made up her latest test as an Archineer’s apprentice. She thought she was close to figuring out how to assemble it, but so far every time she attempted to activate it, it imploded. She shuddered, remembering how close it had come to burning the whole library down. She sighed, shook her head, and, after checking up on Spike to make sure he was getting his rest (He was still just a baby dragon, no matter what he claimed otherwise) and headed out the front door, wondering just what it was that Zero had found.

Currently, the young Archineer was hard at work, in one of his rare, but persistent moments of complete concentration. He was currently constructing a multi layered set of walls, complete with turrets, gates, and the whole kitchen fridge, metaphorically speaking of course. And each was pointed towards the implausible occurrence set into the mountainside. Zero wasn’t overly shocked, of course. He did live in a world filled with talking ponies, unicorns, and pegasus. (His mind momentarily distracted, wandering off on a tangent, he considered that he still didn’t know the plural of the latter species of pony… His mega-wrench slamming into his hand instead of the targeted nail brought his thoughts back to the present time, albeit with a series of colorful phrases he remembered from his previous life that would not be suitable for a place like Equestria)

After setting up the defensive walls to keep anything that might come out of the portal contained, and seeing to it that his hand was not critically injured, he stood silently, staring into the void. He made note that now that he had the time to do a once over, he felt a… tugging, he supposed, almost as if the rip was attempting to pull him towards it, into it. He shuddered, shaking himself, and the strength of the feeling dissipated somewhat, though it still remained, like a dream one might try to remember in the few minutes after waking up, it pestered him, poking into his thoughts before scurrying just out of reach.

His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a polite cough. ’100 coins that it’s Rarity.’ He slowly turned around, taking the time to look over each of Twilight, and as her boyfriend, his, friends. He hadn’t seen them for some time, a month at the very least. His eyes floated between each, noting the changes, and filing the information away for later reference. Rarity, who had been the one to cough ‘Looks like I’ll be buying something for 100 coins tonight…’ Zero remarked dryly to himself. Over the years, she had come to find the pony of her dreams, and it had turned out to be none other than Big Macintosh, Applejack’s older brother. Next was Rainbow Dash, who had very recently become the new Captain of the Wonderbolts, and Equestria had never had more extravagant and amazing air shows in any of it many, many years. After that was Pinkie Pie. The hyperactive party pony hadn’t changed much really. She still seemed to be able to break into a semi-nerve grating musical number without any preparation, and had become the Head of Partying (Zero chuckled internally… he still couldn’t believe it that Twilight had come across such a position in one of her old history books.)

Fluttershy was next. She was still the quiet animal lover, which had earned her the job of General Animal Caretaker of Equestria. She was always getting called in to a plethora of different animal emergencies, and Zero knew she was perfect for the job. He had never, ever in his years here, seen a pony react so calmly in any situation involving an endangered animal.
Applejack was the most excited of the group to see him however. Understandable, seeing as his Archineer skills had managed to be of use to replace Granny Smith’s old hip, allowing her to get around with her children so much easier, although she had relinquished her role as owner of the farm to Applejack. He still had extra treats that her family had made for him as a way of thanking him for his help.

His eyes finally settled on the un-voiced leader of the group, Twilight. Hard to believe that only a short time earlier he had been beginning his adventures in Equestria, and she was still an apprentice to Celestia. Spike, who’s usual place of resting was atop Twilight’s back, was nowhere to be seen, although considering that it was still the early hours of the morning, Zero wasn’t entirely surprised.

He calmly turned back to face the tear, beckoning the girls forward. Twilight stopped next to him, leaning slightly against him, while the others took positions to look at the rip. Well, all except for Pinkie, who was bouncing around, poking and prodding at the defenses. Zero left her to herself. Trying to get Pinkie to sit still would be like trying to stop the sun from rising.

He spoke softly, “Good to see you all, although the conditions could be better.” He chuckled, “most of you are probably wondering what you’re doing here.” He pointed towards the rift. “That is what you’re doing here.”

Chapter 5

Rainbow Dash cocked her head to the side. “And this is… what exactly?”

Zero grinned, “In laypony terms, it’s an opening to another world.” He shrugged, “What’s on the other side of it, nobody knows.” Twilight spoke up, “Why all the heavy defenses?” Zero gave a sad smile, and pointed at the rift. “As much as I hope whatever may come out of there is friendly.” He turned his finger to the badge of the Master Archineer, a golden gear overlaid with an arm raising a wrench to the heavens, “This badge means I need to keep public safety in mind, no matter what.” Almost as if to punctuate his sentence, alarms began to blare.

//Warning, anomaly detected…
//Warning, anomaly detected...

Zero was all business. “Twilight, do a full systems check!” In a burst of magic, Twilight disappeared. “Rarity, you need to get back to town and warn everyone, then get Spike to notify Princesses Celestia and Luna!” Rarity nodded and ran towards town. “Rainbow Dash, gather the Wonderbolts and be ready for a fight!” Rainbow Dash was gone before Zero had time to close his mouth.

“Pinkie Pie,” Zero pointed dramatically, “go set up a welcome party, but don’t start it unless I give you the go-ahead!” Pinkie Pie saluted, before hopping away, ruining the drama of the moment somewhat.

“Umm… Z-Zero? What about us?” Fluttershy stammered, true to her name. Zero was only half-listening. “You and Apple Jack are with me. If whatever comes out of there is an animal of some sort, you’re the best choice if it needs medical or emotional attention. Apple Jack and I will be backing you up, incase things get crazy.”

The rift shone a series of colors that would put a rainbow to shame, blinding everyone momentarily.

And then, the world went crazy.

Chapter 6

Zero leaped down, quickly followed by Fluttershy and Apple Jack. From the rift, streams of fire attacked, hungry for oxygen and things to destroy with their heat. In a flash, Zero built a protective wall, and assessed the situation. He didn’t have much time, as he had to build the defense from wood as a trade-off for his building speed. Already the flames were licking at the dry material, searching for flaws and imperfections that it could enter and set aflame. Zero paid it no mind, however, as he quickly pulled a small remote from his coat pocket and quickly pressed a multitude of buttons. All along the defense walls, enclaves revealed themselves, each containing a nozzle hooked up to a fire extinguisher. With a hiss, the counteractive foam shot out, working to control the blaze. Zero placed the remote back in its pocket, before risking a quick peek above the wall. The entire blocked area was covered in the white foam, making it look like a winter wonderland. Before he could relax however, movement in the foam near the rip caught his eye. With a quick motion to Apple Jack and Fluttershy, the three carefully made their way towards the now prone lump in the foam.

Not a sound could be heard, as if all the animals and elements had collectively decided to take a moment to think quietly. The tension in the air was more noticeable almost by almost a tenfold, and the now rising sun drenched the sky and clouds a deep blood red.
The rip was silent, and when Zero cast a quick glance in it’s direction, he noticed it appeared to be closing. His mind wandered elsewhere, however, as he concentrated on discovering who… or what, for that matter, had arrived here.

With a series of pops, the three stopped before the large lump in the foam, hesitant. Each cast a glance at each other, none wanting to be the one to uncover what was hidden beneath the thin layer of bubbles. Before any of them could actually move the bubbles away, a series of multicolored flashes streaked by, blowing the foam into the air. The blurs stopped so suddenly that even Zero cringed, rubbing his neck almost subconsciously, and posed in somewhat clichéd was Rainbow Dash, along with her 5 other team members. Zero couldn’t resist a jab at the Pegasus pony, “Even the fastest Pegasus in Equestria is still manages to be late to the party? You’re getting slow Dash!”

Rainbow Dash, who despite her name was still quite slow to the pokes at her ego, shot back with the speed she was world renown for. “I could still beat you with two hooves tied behind my wing in ten seconds flat!” Zero wasn’t listening though, his attention already turned to the form, strike that, forms that lay upon the ground. Whoever they were, they appeared to be human. And between them, a shard of crystal had imbedded itself into the ground, its electric blue surface sparkling.

“Fluttershy, I need you to check them for injuries, and take them to the hospital. I’ll meet you there.” Fluttershy nodded and carefully checked each and, finding no external injuries, gave a short whistle. Out of nowhere, hundreds of small animals wearing various forms of armbands, neckties or other appropriate accessories branded with a simple red cross on a white background. With quick directions, the animals quickly carried the bodies toward Fluttershy’s house. Rainbow Dash and Applejack followed, helping when they could.

Zero on the other hand, had managed to pry crystal from the ground and as he held it up to the light for inspection, a flash of lightning hit the crystal, electrocuting him. He opened his mouth to scream, but all that came out was a strangled garble. His vision was quickly fading, the pain of the electricity forcing his brain to shut everything down. He fell to the ground, paralyzed. Twilight Sparkle hovered over him, mouth moving in a scream, but he heard nothing, his hearing already gone. He took a deep breath, attempting to fight off the pain, fight off the darkness that threatened to consume him.

He lost, and let himself sink into unconsciousness.

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Twilight, Starlight; A MLP: FiM! Fanfiction -Updates Every Monday and Friday, if not sooner!-

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