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 E.I. Links and Synopsis

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PostSubject: E.I. Links and Synopsis   E.I. Links and Synopsis EmptyThu Jun 16, 2011 6:14 pm

Endless Insanity Blog

Small synopsis of the ARG:
The ARG follows the story's of Nova, Adrenal Ex and Rarity. They all suffer from horrific dreams, become active at night and wake up with wounds, terrible headaches, and eyes throbbing. In an attempt to figure out what is going on they all start recording in personal journals the events that have happened to them.

Time Line (By Character):


May 12th- Nova reveals he's had terrible dreams and when he wakes up his head and eyes hurt, and his hands are shaky.

May 15th- Wakes to discover a small bite wound on his leg, and some blood on the floor. He assumes it's from his dog, and continues to prepare for the day even though his head is pounding.

May 16th- He wakes to find himself lying in the floor with his blankets and pillows spread all around the room. His head hurts, and he had the nightmare again. This time, he tells us a bit more about the dreams:

Quote :
some..shadowy thing was running after me,
following me through a dark allyway,
i didnt look out and fell.. rest of it is blank.

He tells us he's going to go to the doctor and see what he says.

May 25th- The doctor tells him the dreams are just the result of stress and he needs to just try and chill out. He thinks the doctor is wrong, and there's something more to it. The dreams are getting worse and at this point, and he feels like the shadowy thing from before is always there watching with red demonic eyes.

May 26th- A strange entry shows up on his blog:

Quote :
5:59 AM


May 28th- Nova notices the odd post, and says he's been away at a friend's since the 25th. He blames the post on his sister, and mentions that his desktop background is now a red demonic eye.

May 29th- He wakes up in the middle of the night on the living room sofa, notices that his arm hurts, there's glass everywhere, and the house seems empty. His arm has a wound similar to the one on his leg in a previous entry, but this time he knows it can't be his dog because the dog is in his sister's room. He decides to clean up the mess and go to bed. Later, this entry appears:

Quote :

Then, at 6AM he wakes up in the hospital. His arm is bandaged, and everything hurts. His parents tell him they heard him scream and found him unconscious at the bottom of the stairs, so they rushed him to the hospital. He takes a long restful nap, then he's released and heads home. He finds what he assumes is fake blood droplets on his desk, and once again blames his sister, but when he goes to confront her he finds out that she's been away at a friend's on the other side of Holland. He panics, afraid the blood might not be fake.

May 30th- Several bizarre messages show up on the blog:

Quote :
3:33 AM


Quote :
4:44 AM

Sweet Shadow..Sweet Shadow..Where did you go? Look at me with your pretty eyes,
hold me tight and never let me go.. Shadow..Shadow..

Quote :
5:55 AM

Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy AREYOUDOINGTHistOmEE WhATarEYouDreams.WHATaReYouItdoesNTmAkeSense

Quote :
6:00 AM

Onlyforyour love..i'll harm myself for your love..

my ..pretty and sweet shadow..neverletmeg......................

Later on, Nova tells us he's just awoken to find his t-shirt covered in blood and a large cut on his right arm. He's also had a new dream:

Quote :
A young and pretty blonde girl.. sleeping in the grass..
and all sudden she opened her eyes and screamed
her arms and legs spazzing aroung,
she tried to stand up but couldnt,
like something invisible kept her stuck on the ground..
she cried,i tried to run to her but couldnt do a thing!
frozen to the ground.. something was making her insane,
trying to kill her.
her eyes became bloodshot red and rolled back to her skull,
body stopped moving..
and thats the point where i woke up.

He doesn't seem to notice the odd posts.

June 1st- He's only just noticed the strange entries. He's decided to redo all the passwords to the blogs, and his network. Later that night his parents give him a video camera so they know what's going on.

June 2nd- Nova watched the footage from the previous night, and is shocked:

Quote :
Video shows me sleeping perfectly and like it should..untill my clock reached 3:33am..
it shows me waking up,
walking over to my computer..
but for some reason,i started to yell and scream..
slammed my head to the desk 4 times and passed out on the floor..

He's unsure how he ended up back in bed, and the footage ends at about 8AM (presumably due to dead batteries).

June 3rd- More Dreams:
Quote :
it was yelling my name
over and over and over..
with a demonic tone
i never ever heard such a messed up voice before in my life..
i couldnt wake up..
it was like,it wouldnt let me..
echoing in my head.. over and over and over.
finally managed to wake back to the real world..
my head hurts..so badly..
He then goes to visit his aunt.

June 4th- Yet another strange entry:

Quote :
99999:999999 ¿²

When Nova wakes up, his wrists are covered in blood, but there are no wounds. He felt like someone held his throat, and he saw the eyes again. He also found the word "Rarity" carved into his desk

June 5th- Nova's just chillin'. Drawing keyblades in his brand new sketchbook. Later he wakes up with the sketchbook on his face. He finishes his drawing, then heads to bed. later, he wakes up again to find blood on his forehead and wrist, and some disturbing art he didn't draw in his sketchbook, along with some more blood. He puts a picture on his facebook (which we don't have access to) and plans to throw it away.

June 6th- More odd posts:

Quote :


Nova has more dreams:

Quote :
i saw my body hanging against a wall..
some..thing..idk how to explain it..
something odd appeared in front and i saw myself spazzing ,
arms and legs freaking out and heard me screaming..
that thing..
it ripped out my bowels and dropped them on the ground..
and i could hear myself..laughing..
thats the point where i woke up..

As he's writing this, he notices the odd messages again. He decides to close the old blog, and move all of these posts to the new one (the current one). Later he gets a phone call from Adrenal Ex.

June 9th- He adds the video footage to a youtube account (now deactivated) and adds a contact page to the blog.

June 12th- Nova mentions that he's been sick, and has just noticed the deactivation of his youtube account. He doesn't have an email about it, and he's sure he didn't hit the wrong button. In another post, he mentions he's heard from someone named Rarity and she'll be posting soon.

June 16th- He's had a fever, and another dream.:

Quote :
i started to hallucinate
as i looked up to the ceiling at my Bioshock2 poster,i swear to god that i saw something looking at me..
big daddy?big sister?

He says there's more, but he'll wait till he's better to post.

June 23rd- Three updates from Nova today.First, he removed the url for his old youtube, and plans to make another. He asks if a group one would be best, and mentions that anything posted on youtube by NovaInsanity is not him. In the second post, he updates on what's been happening while he was sick. I think that It's important to put it in quote:

Quote :
June 13th 2:33 AM

Woke up with a terrible pain in the stomach..
think im getting sick Batman Serious bit shaky,
headache..ugh.. getting some painkillers and heading back to bed.

4:25 AM

Tears in my eyes.. i had such a horrifying dream..
I was Walking around at some abAndoned playground,
(if any of you ever played The game Modern Warfare,imagine the Chernobyl mission) and the sky was..pitch blaCk..wicH was kinda awkward because there was normal daylight,everythIng looked a bit..grayish..dusty. Like some building just collapsed and covered everything in a thick layer of dust and rubble and ..you know what i meeN. And at some point,i turned around to walk towards a tree and sit down, and suddenly a small young girl ran towards me(crying) and said ‘Mister,something’s wrong with mommy’. I looked at her face and .. her eyes were ..black. As black as the sky.. with tears of blood flowing over her pale face..she pointed at a tree near the swinGset and what i saw litterly woke me up.. and im glad.. an older woman with black curly hair was..tied up against it..her chest impaled with..something like a spear,her throat cut open.. And thats the moment that i woke up and sat up in bed.. and god.. I swear to god.. i could hear that little girls voice in my head..’I just wanted to plaY..’ I know, its midnight.. but im heading outside for a few seconds..need some fresh air..

June 15th – 6:02 AM

Another dream..
Its a bit unclear, but ill write down whatever im able to remember.
I was walking around in an empty building.
EverYthing seemed as ..gray as the dream from 13th.
I remember looking out of the window,and the same pitch black sky was up there.. The sound Of footsteps echo’d throUgh the hallways,
comming closer and closer..
‘You again,mister’
the same little girl approached me from,seriously..out of nowhere.
there were still some dried up bloody tears on her cheeks.
her pitch black eyes were trying to get eyecontact,
she reached for my hand and said ‘I learned a new trick’.
She placed her other hand on her chin.. and that noise.. that.. that horrible noise.. bones cracking.. she pulled off her entire lower jaw..
and thats the moment that i woke up.

June 20th, 2:53 AM

Had a short dream..
I was sitting on a chair at home, and..
Suddenly the doorbell ringed.
I stood up and opened the door,and it was some parcel service,
they had something for me. i thought that it was some shirt ive ordered,
And accepted it,signed the parcel and went back inside.
I opened the box and,wait.. there was some tiny metal box in it..
Placed it in front of me and took a deep breath..opened it with both hands..
And .. Inside of it.. Were a pitch black eye with white Iris and a tiny..lower..jaw..

And in the last update, he mentions a new author. VioletProcess, and encourages people to email him with stories of their dreams.

Adrenal Ex:

June 6th- Adrenal Ex shows up with his first post. He's having the same sort of freaky dreams Nov has experienced, and in the second one he was clutching a scrap of paper that led him to Nova and the blog.

June 8th- Adrenal says it's going to take him awhile to get his story out there, and he's considering going to the doctor. He took some pictures around the room, but we haven't seen any of them. The blood that freaked Nova out has shown up on Adrenal's desk as well.

June 9th- He goes to the doctor and tell him what's been happening. The doctor gives him a sleep study, and tells him he's been mentally active the whole night. He gives him strange syringes he's supposed to take before bed. He posted this picture.

June 12th- An odd post from Adrenal:

Quote :

It hates me for trying to find a way out.
It’s angry because I tried to escape from me.
It despises me because I took medication.

It makes everything worse.

June 16th- Adrenal wakes to find his journal scattered about the room, He managed to recover some pages:

Quote :
Journal #1: May 30th 4:56AM
This is the first time I ever write in a journal of some sort in my life but, I need to chronicles the events following me right now. I am writing this in case something ever happens to me. My name is [replacing real name by Adrenal Ex]. I’ve been having the same dream for a week now. Every single day, it’s the same dream. I am in front of my Elementary School at night. Dark clouds cover up the sky and lightning lights up my way as I walk towards the school. Thinking about it, it began like a traditional nightmare you see in movies. I get to the front door and enter it. In the hall, the walls are covered with blood and.. on the floor.. body parts and entrails. As it is with dreams where logic do not applies, instead of leaving the goddamn place, I wander through the corridors, trying not to step on bowels. I stop in front of a familiar door.. not a door to a classroom or cafeteria.. but I recognized my “Final Fantasy” poster on it.. it’s the door to my bedroom. I recognized my “Final Fantasy” poster on it. Without a second thought, I enter my room hoping it would let me out of this dream. I see myself on my bed; my torso ripped apart, my entrails spread throughout the room and blood flowing from my eyes. I try to get away but as I turned around, I see this Eye outside my room, this blood red demon looking eye staring through me, through my soul. I wake up there, every night I wake up screaming. I’m always covered in sweat and have those strong headaches. This morning I found blood on my desk with a note with the word “bleed” written all over it. I’m sure it’s not my parents but.. they doesn’t know about the dreams yet so why would they do this ? I will confront him about it tonight..

He mentions that the strange post must have been because of the medication. He's had a bad reaction to it overall. including coughing up blood. He's going to work to put his journal back together.


June 12th- Basically an introduction post telling us she's had the same dreams.


June 23rd- introduction post. Basically, she's had issues with depression and stress in the past, and thinks her nightmares are just a result of that. Her roommate thinks otherwise, however, and keeps pushing till finally she contacts Nova on Violet's behalf. So Violet decides to go with it.[i]

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E.I. Links and Synopsis

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