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 Please Read: Forum Rules and Guidelines

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Please Read: Forum Rules and Guidelines Empty
PostSubject: Please Read: Forum Rules and Guidelines   Please Read: Forum Rules and Guidelines EmptySun May 15, 2011 7:53 pm

Welcome to the Internet Batman Brigade headquarters. This thread will gloss over the main rules of the forum.

Naming Policy
The Admin reserves the right to remove names that do not comply with site rules (racism, rude names, things that are morally unacceptable, etc). Any names that are offensive or whose nature could be considered as a gamejacker will, depending on the severity, be discussed with the user or deleted without warning. ANY NAMES REFERENCING TO OR INCLUDING BATMAN WILL BE BANNED WITHOUT WARNING OR DISCUSSION WITH THE USER.

It is expected that users treat each other with respect on the forums. Debates should not turn into arguments. Please refrain from using inflammatory responses to threads. Discussion of heated topics should remain a discussion, not a debate over whose mother did what certain promiscuous acts the previous night.

Pornographic material, whether posted in picture form or linked to, is completely forbidden. Any posts asking for such are any posts containing such will be deleted and the user(s) warned.

Swearing is mostly fine. I don't want to see people yelling the F-word all the time. Please be adults about the use of strong language.

Please refrain from using any pictures that will stretch the board. This includes pictures in posts and pictures in signatures.

All pony related pictures belong in the IBB Pony Thread. Any stray ponies will be removed and the poster will be sent a warning. If repeated offense occurs it will be considered spam and result in a ban. Ponies in avatars and signatures are exceptions.

Making Threads/Posting in Threads
The mantra you should follow is "The search button exists for a reason". Make sure the thread you are posting hasn't already been posted ten times before in the last three days. Please refrain from using caps in thread titles or requesting certain moderators be attracted to your threads. These actions are frowned upon and may result in thread lock or deletion.

When posting, please do not necro-bump a thread. If the discussion has clearly ended, then don't post. Doing so will be considered spamming. Those that are found spamming will have their posting privileges moderated or removed for an indefinite period of time.

When typing, please use proper grammar, formatting, and word usage. I don't want to sound like your eight grade English teacher, but I don't want posts consisting of l33t speak and people thinking vowels are for losers.

"War" threads are not a allowed. Although I'm sure many of you would hopefully be mature about it, it has been decided that such threads usually end up derailing or turning into ego fights.

There is one pony thread. All pony pictures, discussion, videos, written works, music, and anything else relating remotely to ponies belongs in the IBB Pony Thread. This is for organization purposes and to keep the board clean. Any sign of pony content outside of that thread will result in a warning. Repeated offense will be considered spam and result in a ban.

Reporting Members

If you find any member breaking forum guidelines please inform a moderator or administrator and it will be dealt with as soon as possible. Try to inform one who is online during the time your report so that action is taken sooner then later.

Please pay attention to the individual rules of each forum when posting a thread. Please make sure you are posting in the correct section. It will severely help everyone if you post things where they belong.

Thank you everyone. Please remember that failing to abide by these rules will get your account warned or placed into ban discussion. The main purpose of this forum is to have fun, so please refrain from doing things that would inhibit other users from doing so.
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Please Read: Forum Rules and Guidelines

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