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 How to Create a Forum Usergroup

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How to Create a Forum Usergroup Empty
PostSubject: How to Create a Forum Usergroup   How to Create a Forum Usergroup EmptySat May 21, 2011 7:42 pm

This thread will go over how to create a forum usergroup so that leaders and members can reference their group specifics (like who is in it, link to their chat or site, etc.).

Note: Please forward all messages in relation to this post toward administrator TR1.

What is a Usergroup?

A forum Usergroup is a list that charts all admitted members into the group. You can see all current usergroups and their perspective members on the Navigation Bar under the IBB forum's banner by clicking "Usergroups."

Why would I want my own Usergroup?

Having your own forum's usergroup allows you to keep track of all your members easier and decide who can join the group. It also shows the rest of the forum members who is apart of your group and can list details about the group like their own site or chat. It is an easy, and effective, way to market your group to a wider audience.

Okay I am sold, how do I get my own Usergroup?

The administrator in-charge of community relations and forum management, currently TR1, can create Usergroups. Due to that the administrator has to manually set up each group there are some requirements a group has to meet before they can have their own forum Usergroup.


1) Have a thread for your group in the IBB Recruitment section of the forum.
-This lets the administrator review your group's dynamics, purpose, and community members interested in the group. The group's Recruitment thread is there 'homebase' on the IBB thread, and the administrators and moderators must be able to view it to make sure that the group is not violating any of the forum's rules.

2) Have at least 15 active members within your group.
-This lets the administrator know that you are serious about this group and helps prevent spamming the Usergroup section.


Please send all Usergroup applications to administrator TR1 in the following format. Failure to follow format or not properly fill in each section will result in a reply stating that the application is invalid for a specific reason.

Username: This is the your (the group leader's) username. This name will be entered into the "Group Moderator" field. In other words, this person will be responsible for managing the Usergroup. Note, this name MUST match up to the name of the person who created the group's thread in the Recruitment section.

Group Name: This will be the name of your Usergroup. Note, the name of your Usergroup MUST match that to the group's name in the Recruitment section.

Admittance: There are two types of admittance types, Closed and Open. Open groups allow for anyone to apply to the group, and then the moderator of the group can choose whether to accept or deny the user's admittance. Closed groups do not allow for group applications and only allow for the group moderator to add members.

List of current members: Please attach a list of current group members. If this list does not meet the 15 member requirement your application will be invalid.

Post Usergroup Creation Requirement:

After your Usergroup has been established there is currently one requirement the group must meet.

1) The Usergroup must maintain a minimum of 15 active members at a time. If less than 15 active members are not in the group the administrator will contact the group moderator and warn them that they have one week to get the number of members up to 15.

Once again, this requirement is set in place to prevent spam in the Usergroup section.

Usergroup Ranks:


Usergroup FAQ:

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How to Create a Forum Usergroup

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