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 Sobriquet of the End

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Sobriquet of the End Empty
PostSubject: Sobriquet of the End   Sobriquet of the End EmptyTue May 24, 2011 12:30 am

Yay for capitalizing on empty space! Here I go again!

Well, after a few weeks of deciding whether to post this or not, I decide to post it. During a random conversation with some community members here, I made a joke (withheld due to story relevance) that led to the idea of a fanfiction. After little discussion, I was dubbed the "writer" of the group, and took on the task of writing this story. Off of that single idea, I am attempting to create a riveting story that leads up it. After writing a few of the chapters I started to realize the scope of this project, and decided to do chapter updates overtime so that this fanfiction stays somewhat relevant.

Below is some short informational facts about the story, and the link to the story is at the bottom. I will be posting updates sporadically so make sure to check back now and again! I hope you enjoy the story as much as I have taken a pleasure in writing it (yes, I have been having fun writing *gasp*).

Title: "Sobriquet of the End"
Genre: Horror/Mystery
Status: Work in progress

Synopsis: "Sobriquet of the End" is the story of a woman named Larissa "Luna" Mizuki, a distraught and frustrated girl, who attempts to discover her purpose in life as she is met with endless trials in her young adult life.

"Sobriquet of the End" by TR1
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Sobriquet of the End

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