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 The First IBB ARG Announcement

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The First IBB ARG Announcement Empty
PostSubject: The First IBB ARG Announcement   The First IBB ARG Announcement EmptySun May 29, 2011 5:15 pm

Hey folks, I know you want news on the game right now, but we have to keep it under pretty tight wraps .

As I have said before, we don't plan on trying to start ours up until Jad can finish his, and that means we're on a somewhat indefinite delay. This is somewhat handy, as my team and I haven't quite worked everything out on this.

I should mention something right off the bat: although some of the people involved in this are mods or admins, not all mods and admins are working behind the scenes with me on this. I'd like to keep quiet who is and isn't working with me, at the moment, and I would also like to say that nobody involved would talk about what we're doing. If someone is posting details about the game, ignore and report it.

Thanks for your patience, and we're glad to have you here.
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The First IBB ARG Announcement

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