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 OOC Full Guide for SoulStar's part of the story

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OOC Full Guide for SoulStar's part of the story Empty
PostSubject: OOC Full Guide for SoulStar's part of the story   OOC Full Guide for SoulStar's part of the story EmptyMon May 30, 2011 3:30 pm

Pokemon: Problems began with my thread "Pokemon Letters", here is a brief summary of all that has happened as of 5/30/11.

3/15/11: First post, talks about odd behavior in a Pokemon Cartridge, cartridge just says "Pokemon" with no indication of the actual version, Lavender town music plays sometimes, creepy.

4/12/11: Game given to child, when it appeared to have nothing wrong with it the child slipped it back into SoulStar's possession discreetly. Said that it may be a translated version of the Japanese "Pocket Monsters: Green" . Said to "find its way back" when trying to be disposed of.

4/13/11: Pikachu in-game says "Do they know...did you tell them?" followed by the game shutting off. Text document on SoulStar's computer appears in a folder entitled "PKMNSMILE" which has binary translating to "WARN YOU THEY MUST OR HORRIBLE DEEDS DONE UPON YOU". Ringtone for SoulStar's phone changes to Lavender town theme unexpectedly.

4/14/11: Confirmed to be "just my imagination all along" by SoulStar. Hidden text on post says "NO...DON'T LISTEN TO HIM.....DO NOT LISTEN....


SAFEHAVEN...". Binary translates to www.pkmnsmile.tumblr.com
Document called "Smile.txt" found on the Tumblr.

4/15/11: Warning message posted on Tumblr frantically warning of the Smile.txt file.
KoopaEaterMKII posts a YouTube video trapping the Pikachu being indefinately, hints of a "lord" are speaken of. SoulStar feels an "odd presence".

4/16/11: Contact to the creature is found at yourwarriorisgone@gmail.com
Conversation had regarding the creature's beginnings is had, can be found on the original Pokemon Letters thread.
Lastmoments.rtf is sent to KoopaEaterMKII, supposedly the ending of the creature's creator.

4/18/11: Document released, tells for players to burn any Pokemon Green copy they see.

5/30/11: Date for return is set for June 4th, 2011 at 6:00 PM.
Responses from old emails to yourwarriorisgone@gmail.com are sent, "Reincarnation has occured...ugh..."

6/4/11: Binary leads to YouTube channel, FullSpeedSmile, video entitled WHOSSIDEAREYOUON.avi is uploaded at 6:00 PM, matching with the return date

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OOC Full Guide for SoulStar's part of the story

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