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 IC Guide for Koopa's side

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IC Guide for Koopa's side Empty
PostSubject: IC Guide for Koopa's side   IC Guide for Koopa's side EmptyMon May 30, 2011 6:05 pm

It all started with a game. A simple game...

"Okay, so I recently had a topic about my ROM dumper shorting out, and my game and computer acting weird.


I played the game one last time, before I throw it away in my GBA.

Just a black screen, happens. I wanted to do an experiment with linking in real GBA and emulators. So, I just booted it up again, and my whole party is gone. Is there ANY way I can somehow...revert my save back, maybe?"

"Pikachu named "HELLO" just came into my party when booted up again.

And no music either. "

Then I threw away the game, burned it. Problem fixed? NO.

"don't know why I don't know what is happening.

Please, I need help and support what can i do.???

Let me straighten myself out

So, for the time being until I get a DS Lite charger for my new DS Lite, I've been playing Pokemon Black on an emulator. After the corruption on my computer caused by the whole dumping of the ROM was fixed, I thought everything was fine until I found out the ROM file was no longer called what it was before (not important).

It was called infected.nds.

So, me and my gutsy nature decided to boot it up, because darn it, I wanted to finish that game! And then...well, let us have the screenshots talk about my save file.


My "team".


My Pikachu named...that.

I swore I had more screenshots. But...they went away, somehow, I guess.

and then, this scares me, this here. i could get a screenshot, but it won't upload..,...so here is a transcript

*I close the DS window, notepad window pops up on its own*

Notepad: You made a mistake.

Notepad: You don't leave us. Never again.

Me: what is happening

Notepad: Why did you burn us? Why did you want to get rid of us? We loved you! Love. It is a strong word. You can't truly understand that word, can you?

Me: I can i love you please don't

Notepad: TOO LATE.

Me: who are you

Notepad: I am WW91IGRvbid0IG5lZWQgdG8ga25vdyB0aGF0LCBvdXRzaWRlcnM=

*window closes*


It won't talk to me, please help i am only 13 i can't go through this "

Couldn't delete the rom. At all. Then after some mindfrakery, he left the rom, I deleted it, and the game came back, in a box. Charred. BURNED.

I played it in the GBA after some crazy stuff, It became a normal game, with many changes. Like a new Pokemon adventure. I freed Rival!Pikachu, aka HELPME, and it became a shimeji on my desktop. Once I reached the end after a few days...it made me choose one of three birds, HOPE, FATE, and FEAR, or Articuno, Moltrez, and Zapdos.

"I spawned in a black room, with 3 pokemon surrounding me. Articuno, Moltrez, and Zapdos.

Articuno said "I am HOPE. I keep you going..."

Moltrez said "I am FATE. You can change it, but...it takes wisdom to make it good."

Zapdos said "I am FEAR. I cannot lead you the way, only blind you."

And then the game had a text box saying "Free them...they together formed a perfect team..." and it shut off"

The three birds keep Vulpix from showing his full power, because they are three players that he trapped into the game..

I chose HOPE, as I kept hope throughout this all, and gave up my FEAR. The game only lets you free what you felt inside...the true meaning of it is that they will be good friends. Because they share your quality.

Now Articuno is on my desktop, as a shimeji, with RIVAL/HELPME/PIKARIVAL. And...I shipped the game to an online friend, TopTurner, so he could play it, and hopefully unlock FATE...it's dangerous to set Vulpix free for the last one, FEAR...

Original thread: http://z15.invisionfree.com/Within_Hubris/index.php?showtopic=2165&st=0
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IC Guide for Koopa's side

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