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 IBB Dice System (Roll)

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PostSubject: IBB Dice System (Roll)   Wed Jun 01, 2011 11:34 pm

At the request by our leader, Ariesus, there is a dice system available for use on the forums! Now when posting a reply you can choose to roll a dice, or sets of die as many times as you want. You cannot re-roll so there is no cheat! You can locate it at below the Preview/Send buttons at the bottom of your reply. Since it requires a post, please do not roll at random! If the original post of the thread doesn't prompt for rolling, or you are in a game thread that requires it, please do not roll. If we see rolling at random the administrators will send you a warning that you are spamming. Repeated offensive will result in a punishment. If you want a basic tutorial, or want some more information about it, please look towards the bottom of this post.

Types of Dice:


Where is the Roll option located?

Right below the bottom of your "Post Reply" form under the "Preview... Send" buttons. Click here for a blurry image.

Why does Ariesus appear after I roll?

The forum "Game Master" will appear with your results. The plugin has to be attached to a Game Master, and Ariesus is the designated Game Master for this forum.

Awesome! What are all these fields?

[A]: The number of roll in the sequence.

[B]: Type of dice.

[C]: Amount of times the dice is being rolled.

[D]: Add another roll.

Can I see an example?

Step 1: Select the type of dice.

Step 2: Select how many times you would like to roll the dice.

Step 3 (Optional): Add another roll.

Step 4: Roll!

If you have any questions about the Roll system please do not hesitate to contact me via PM.
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IBB Dice System (Roll)

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