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 ApartmentTrapped: A text adventure!

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Have you tried playing the game yet?
Yeah, I solved a whole bunch of stuff single handedly!
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 33% [ 1 ]
Yes, I played it for a bit.
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I watched you guys play it.
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No, I didn't know it existed.
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No way, that's stupid.
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==> Hump poll
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PostSubject: ApartmentTrapped: A text adventure!   ApartmentTrapped: A text adventure! EmptyFri Jun 03, 2011 7:23 pm

This topic is so that people can easily get caught up to stuff happening in the text adventure I'm running in the IBB chat. I'll eventually add stuff like the inventory to this as well.

Story So Far:
An unknown guy woke up in a room, with no memory of how he got there. The room had a computer and desk to the north, a window with blinds covering it to the east, a couch, bookshelf and poster to the south and a closet, vending machine and clock to the west. A lot of weird puzzle shit subsequently happened. In the process of this, the guy found the body of zP dead in the closet. He also got into contact with someone called fB via the computer, who was also trapped in an apartment. Though a long series of events, he acquired a Faygo from the vending machine blocking the door. After telling fB to take cover, he placed himself in the bomb-proof closet and ran a program on the computer that caused it to explode and open up a way into the next room. Inside, he found fB, who was apparently a girl who was described by the unknown guy with the phrase "DAT ASS". She knew a bit more than he did, and identified him as IP, the third member of their group. Stifling the impulses from the voices in his head to perform sexual acts with her, he told her the story of all the wierd puzzle shit he had to deal with. When he revealed that zP was dead, she started crying hysterically, leaving iP to figure out what to do next. He explored her room, acquiring various things, but was unable to bring himself to take her art off the walls for fear of retribution, or to enter the top drawer of her dressing table as the pink blinded his eyes. To try to keep fB from being so upset, he attempted to revive zP with the miraculous elixir. Despite the laws of the universe, it was successful and zP was brought back to life. fB subsequently recovered from her despair, and while iP took a power nap, she went to finish off the wierd puzzle shit. She acquired her Art Supplies from her underwear drawer, and uncovered the outlet behind one of her paintings. Then, together with iP who was woken up by the rebound of fB's shitty ass cellphone hurled in a fit of rage, they fashioned a bomb out of her paints, placed it in zP's room at the divider between zP and iP's rooms, and ignited it with a fireball started with her wood burning kit. The explosion woke zP up, and the three began to talk when the game was paused.


iP: The starting character is this cool guy. He's pretty nonchalant about everything, and isn't particularily worried about being locked in, although it's starting to get annoying. An old friend of zP's, he moved into the same apartment building as the other two for the hell of it. He's prepared to get his hands dirty in order to get the job done, but refuses to go near anything he finds too feminine. His text colour is red.

zP: Found dead inside his closet by iP, but brought back to life with the mIrAcUlOuS power of Faygo. He's kind of nerdy and gets distracted fairly easily, but he's a nice guy and loyal to his friends. His gaming has brought him more advanced computer skills than his other friends, which has come in handy in the past. He has the best recollection of the events of everyone, since it's hard for a dead person to have amnesia. His text colour is blue.

fB: An artistic girl who is a childhood friend of zP. She's completely infatuated with iP, but she's way too shy to tell him. Her art includes traditional pieces, as well as various private drawings which she is to embarassed to show to anyone, including the player. She's not very strong, but she provides helpful insight into the nature of things. Her text colour is green.

Inventory (As of last full pause of the game):

iP's Backpack:
-Empty Bottle of Faygo: Bought from the vending machine in zP's room, was used to revive zP's corpse to keep fB from continuing to flip the fuck out. And so your friend would stop being dead, that too.
-Faygo: Bought from the vending machine in fB's room. Holds an miraculous power that seems to be capable of anything, even raising the dead. Ingesting when unprepared could have fatal consequences due to its unfathomable might.
-Crowbar: A crowbar found in the drawer of zP's desk. Was used to remove the board covering up the flap of fB's vending machine so that the Faygo could be acquired.
-Pipe: Some shrapnel from the explosion of zP's computer. Has an almost funnel like shape due to the explosion.
-Jewelry Box: fB's jewelry box from the bottom drawer of her dressing table. Inside was iP's phone number, along with makeup, jewelry and stuff.
-Poster: A Problem Sleuth poster from zP's room. Has a code in glow-in-the-dark paint written onto it for the safe in zP's room.

fB's Pockets:
-Lucky Penny: A penny found inside zP's couch, one of the first things discovered. Left over from the first Faygo purchase, iP has been holding onto it as a good luck charm until it was taken by fB.
-Blank Sheets of Paper/Private Drawings: A couple of drawings originally discovered by iP in the bottom drawer of fB's dressing table. After viewing them, iP blocked their existence out from his memory, and now only sees them as blank sheets of paper. / fB's drawings hastily taken down from above her bed and shoved into her vanity before iP's arrival. She found them in iP's backpack, and freaked the fuck out that he found them. She does not know whether or not iP read them, and doesn't plan on saying anything.
-Painting: A small, rolled up painting of an island in the middle of the ocean where fB went on vacation. The outlet was hidden behind it.
-Cell Phone: fB's crappy ass phone, which can't get very good reception in the apartment building. Hurled in a fit of rage against the window, rebounding and waking iP up.
-Phone Number: iP's phone number, one of fB's treasured possessions.
-Paintrbrush: fB's best and only paintbrush.

fB's Art Supplies Box:
-Pencils: Some sketching pencils.
-Brightly Coloured Pens: Pens in all the different colours of the rainbow!

Other Items Lying Around:
-Laptop: fB's Laptop, currently sitting in her closet. Installed onto it is Pesterchum and Firenet Netopera Chrome. Folders include:
>Art: A folder of thousands of different drawings by fB and others.
>Documents: Contains a story fB is writing about a girl with magical powers, a cool guy love interest and a nerdy friend who save the world.
>Programs: The two aforementioned programs, lights.exe which turns the lights on and off in fB's room, and AAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH.~ATH, which does nothing as it's not finished.
>Stuff: KEEP OUT
-Teddy Bear: fB's childhood teddy bear, one of her most treasured keepsakes. zP once experimented on it, and regretted it. She forgave him, but barely.
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ApartmentTrapped: A text adventure!

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