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 Renown (Reputation) System

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PostSubject: Renown (Reputation) System   Renown (Reputation) System EmptySun May 15, 2011 6:06 pm

Reputation System (dubbed 'Renown') is now in effect and for use on the forum.

What is Renown?

Renown is the reputation that an individual holds among a community. Renown is usually earned for the amount of, or scale of, actions an individual does within that community. The actions would then possibly generate conversation about that person in between community members making them more well known. This could be for good, or bad reasons.

To put it simply, the more the individual does that creates community interest increases their renown.

What is Renown here?

Renown on the IBB boards is a bit different. Community members can either like, or dislike, your post or reply. One like by another increases your Renown by one, and a dislike decreases it by one. So Renown here reflects how well you are known and how you are received by the community.

Why have the Renown system?

Typically, on any forum a sign of an experienced member is indicated by the number of posts the person has. This is a normal association for someone to create and thus gives them the idea that the person is a more reliable source when they have more posts. This however is not always the case. That person may have numerous posts, but it could be just be due to a high activity in the off-topic section of the forums. This system will help identify strong on-topic community members. The system isn't set in place for other posters to get ignored, but more so that newer members have a better idea of who is a more reliable source when it comes to on-topic material. It is also used to see who are more reputable members of the IBB group.

Where do I see my Renown?

Your Renown is listed below your avatar on the left side of your posted messages.

How do I give some good or bad Renown?

To the right of the user's post you will see a vertical "+/-". If you hit the "+" it will make a green bar appear and give that user +1 to their Renown. If you click the "-" it will make a red bar appear and give the user a -1 to their Renown.

A Renown rating can't go below zero nor incur "Renown debt."

Rules pertaining to the Renown system.

This system has been created to help community members and guests to ensure a higher quality experience on the forums. Please respect it and don't abuse it. If the administrators find that it is being constantly abused we may have to remove it.

Administrators can add or remove points to community members for maintenance reasons. This being said, if we find someone abusing the rules we can easily rectify the situation. Any violation of the following rules will result in a punishment at the administration's discretion.

-Don't bump people's Renown up without probable cause.
In other words, don't like things just because that person is your friend. Only like it if it is actually a good, informative, post.

-Don't bump people's Renown down without probable cause.
Same as the rule above. Don't just dislike someone's post because you don't like the person, and only dislike if it is legitimately a poor post.

-Don't create accounts or rally people to boost your Renown.
Not only is that counter intuitive to the system, but is honestly a waste of your time. Just don't do it.

-Do not ask for people to give you good Renown in you post, signature, avatar, or anywhere else you could.
Doing this is considered as spam and you will be punished for it.

-Do not ask people to give another member poor Renown.
Just like the above it is considered spam and also disrespectful to your fellow forum goer. This would be direct violation of the forum rules and would result in punishment by an administrator.

What are the specifics of Renown?

This section is just if you are curious on the exact workings of Renown, and isn't needed to understand the overlying concept.

How often can I give vote?

A user can vote on another's post every 30 seconds. This time lapse between votes is set so that it encourages the reader to read what the user as actually posted instead of just giving them a free point because "they like them," or "they're my friend." We encourage people to use this system with honesty to maintain its integrity.

Where can I vote?

Each section of the forum has different rules pertaining to Renown. Since Renown is meant to reflect strong on-topic posters and community members, you cannot gain Renown in some sections of the forums. The following is a list of forum areas about the Renown stats that can be earned in each.

Note: These are liable to change overtime to reflect community behavior.

Forum name: Negative, Positive

General Announcement: -0, +1
IBB Announcement: -0, +1
General Discussion: -1, +1
Theory Discussion: -1, +1
Story Speculation: -1, +1
Jadusable's Haunted Majora's Mask Cartridge: -1, +1
Marble Hornets: -1, +1
Pokemon: Problems: -1, +1
Welcome Center: -0, +1
Off Topic Discussion: -0, +0
Video Games: -0, +0
Tabletop Gaming: -0, +0
Fan Creations: -0, +1
Culture: -0, +0
Internet Batman Brigade: -1, +1
Recruitment: -1, +1

If you have any more questions about the Renown system please feel free to PM TR1 on the forums.
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Renown (Reputation) System

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